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About Us


CEO Maxine Pierson


Ms. Pierson’s extensive experience as a business consultant and as the founder of small companies  were some of  the qualities that were considered when seeking a new CEO for MJTV.  Ms Pierson is well respected  in the business community and is on several BOD. Ms. Pierson also has a network of over 9000 associates on LinkedIn.  


Advisory Board Member Dr. Christopher D. Krause

Team leader training:
    - Ph.D. dissertation in structural and molecular immunology
    - multi-faceted approach to understand interferon-gamma signaling and receptor structure


Maxine Pierson CEO of MJTV on the Kathy Ireland World Wide show on Fox Business

  • Kathy Ireland is the Chair, CEO, and Chief Designer for kathy ireland Worldwide (kiWW®), the design and marketing firm she founded in 1993. 
  • According to Forbes Magazine’s cover story, kiWW® is a “design empire which grosses over 1.9 billion dollars annually in retail sales.”