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CBD infused Golden Milk Reduces Pain and Inflammation

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MJ SYNDICATED received its first order from SIMPLY HERBALS


MJ BIOTECH, INC. SUBSIDIARY MJ SYNDICATED, INC. received its first order from its JOINT VENTURE partner  SIMPLY HERBALS, a  Nervanah Herbal Medicine Company. Simply Herbal just completed a successful pilot test of the CBD infused Golden Milk produced by MJ Biotech, Inc. subsidiary MJ Syndicated, Inc. The success of the pilot test is the basis of the CBD infused Golden Milk order from Simply Herbal to MJ Syndicated  Inc. The order will  be shipped before the  end of December 2018.


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MJ Biotech, Inc. announces its new subsidiary MJ Syndicated, Inc. 

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MJ Syndicated and Simply Herbal sigh a Joint Venture Agreeme


On December 6, 2018 announced MJ Syndicated, Inc a Florida Corporation a subsidiary of MJ
Biotech, Inc. signed a Joint Venture Agreement with SIMPLY HERBALS Inc. a  Nervanah Herbal Medicine Company to produce CBD related products that will be added to the Simply Herbal online store located at and to MJ Biotech’s online store.